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When Courthope senior died, his great wealth passed to his younger son, the Revd Alfred Peache, as the elder son died within six weeks of his father.

In turn, Alfred's son, Courthope Peache junior, came to enjoy a substantial private income and greater freedom to make choices about the course of his career than might be open to a man more dependent on his employers.

James Paxman was acutely conscious of his Company's need for a high-speed engine if he was to continue competing in the power generation market and he was increasingly under pressure from his consulting engineer contacts to offer one.

In 1893 James Courthope Peache, who had previously worked for Willans & Robinson, approached James Paxman with his own design of a high-speed single-acting engine.

Daily runner and a real head turner, make a great lock a way investment or poss we… ***ABSOLUTELY PRISTINE CONDITION THROUGHOUT *** ... Date: 14/02/2012, Has £3300 of factory fitted Extras. Reluctantly selling my top of the range beautiful and immaculate Jaguar XJ8 4.2 ltr SE. I purchased this car just over 18 months ago directly from the original owner, a Jaguar enthusiast like myself. The solution adopted was the use of single-acting engines.The most successful and popular of these was the Willans 'central valve' engine manufactured by Peter Willans and his partner Mark Robinson at Thames Ditton.