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Prompt, precise and accurate reporting is necessary to ensure the Department has the information required to respond to or advise the next of kin, and brief the Minister or media in high profile cases.

Prompt reporting also enables the Department to provide guidance on policy or operations to ensure casework consistency.

The cable body should start with: Full name: (FAMILY NAME, given name, middle name) PDOB: (place and date of birth) PPT: (passport number) Cables must be allocated a category: either category 1 or category 2 (Cat 1 or Cat 2) in the subject line of cables.

Cases defined by posts as special interest should be listed as Cat 1 cases. Special interest cases are those which are likely to attract interest beyond Consular Operations.

In accordance with Departmental policy, consular cable summaries must not exceed 10 lines. 'Summary Only' cables may be used for consular cases.

Posts should continue to ensure that, as with all other reporting, consular cables remain within the three-page limit.

May He be our source of strength and guide for a more effective Evangelization in our Diocese, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Department aims to give consular assistance to Australian citizens whose welfare is at risk abroad, while respecting their rights to privacy. Those more frequently experienced are covered in this Handbook however it is not possible to cover all situations.

Cable subject headings must follow the following format: CONSULAR: (category of case): (type of case): FAMILY NAME, given name, middle name For example: Use of this name format is required to ensure accurate details are recorded, particularly when names do not follow the naming convention used in Australia.CIS emails should only be used for casework reporting when the cable network is not working.Documents such as letters to the post, Third Person Notes and press cuttings, should be scanned and attached into CIS.It is important that the information contained in CIS entries and cables is consistent, comprehensive and clear.Posts should exercise particular care in cases where the consular client may be vulnerable, where next of kin (NOK) are expecting updates and/or where cases are likely to attract ministerial and/or media attention.

Post dating schedule ii prescriptions