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Didn't know how to add the link but if you do a goggle them you can see a demo.

They are called Catcha Beast and are made by Bandai. You can join them and play interactively so the twins could play each other.

My oldest son became interested in Warhammer at that age.

Its basically models that you put together and paint and you then play strategy games and battles with them. Some can be quite expensive but there are quite a few reasonably priced starter kits which can then be added to ( giving more ideas for presents in the future?

Your Disney World vacation booking starts at CRO and is in the CRO system or comes in as a Disney Vacation Package.

The key point is that the actual Disney World Resort, like the Grand Floridian, has no record of your reservation until it is transferred to the Disney resort itself. Sorry I forget the exact number of days out the specific Disney Resort gets the reservation in their hotel Lilo Reservation System.