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If you’re dating with the intent to try to find a life partner, that has everything to do with spiritual matters because marriage was God’s idea and making sure that you find somebody that shares your same faith, same values, has everything to do with our spiritual life.” When Ms.

It’s not that they didn’t enjoy their own courtships.Catholic Match provides tools like the temperament test that help users to know more about themselves and what they are looking for in a potential spouse.Members are able to realize the importance of God’s gifts and be open to sacramental grace when seeking their future spouse.” What can parishes do to help the singles? In many places it is a demographic that seems sadly forgotten. Grant hopes that the show will encourage local churches to embrace the singles and their fellowship because singles can feel very lonely at church—like outsiders.” She said she hopes the show will “inspire churches to create a place for singles to be heard.” When it comes to being single and wanting to date and find your future spouse, Ms.Many young adults are beginning to recognize the purpose of dating as not merely a pastime for fooling around and having fun, but as a serious endeavor meant for the greater purpose of life-long marriage.A television network decided to create a dating game show that would encourage churches to get involved with matching available singles with potential mates.