Are quinn and santana dating

It's more the principle that they all are together. She always said that when she gets into a relationship it's just going to be about her and the guy.The minute he gets a wandering eye, he gets the boot. And furthermore, she doesn't understand how anyone could date more than one person anyway. A few days had passed since the announcement in glee and she successfully avoided all four of the girls. But it couldn't last, and one day Quinn catches up to Mercedes."Mercedes," Quinn starts jobbing up to her in the hall. You've been acting weird."Mercedes just shrugs it off. This weekend I got thrown out of my house again and now I live with Rachel because her parents understand what it's like to be in an unorthodox relationship.Santana pushes her away, says she’s worked too hard to get over her high school flame to go back now, but Brittany states her case pretty dramatically and clearly: She tells Santana that she’s seen the world, and that she’s sure Santana’s girlfriend Dani is great, but “you can’t recreate what you and I have.” Outcome: To be determined next week, methinks!

Too late, though: Schue announces it was a tie anyhow.Plus, drunken-broad shenanigans, Britney Spears by way of .TWO DIVAS ENTER, ONE DIVA LEAVES (WEEPING) | Rachel, hot off her Broadway casting, and Mercedes, hot off her label deal, arrive at Mc Kinley’s farewell celebration for the soon-to-shutter New Directions and wonder how come there’s no red carpet or confetti, then renew their rivalry to be the club’s top (vocal) dog (during a very funny appearance on ). Schue — you’ve got to admit there was something really sweet about getting the old gang back together again for the show’s 100th episode. w=300&h=208 300w, sizes="(max-width: 364px) 100vw, 364px" — whether you’re #Team NYC or #Team Lima, whether you dig Rachel and Santana as reluctant buddies or sworn enemies, whether or not you ever want another pep talk from Mr.